New Years Resolutions and Stuff


In 2015 I resolve to eat better, exercise, be more ‘earth-friendly,’ be a better mother, a better wife, daughter and overall person, etc. etc. etc. It’s pretty much the same on-going list as years past. Basically, I am continuously striving (and miserably failing) to be a better version of me. Regardless of the end results, the repeated let-downs, I am always compelled to make these same resolutions year after year. It’s cathartic. The opportunity to improve every facet of my life at the start of the calendar year is something I really and truly believe in. I mean, sure, I couldn’t hit the gym three times a week at any point in 2014, but now that it’s about to be January 1 again…

Of course now that I’m on the brink of ‘middle-age’ (whatever that means) my resolutions have almost become total transformation goals (chop off hair, lose 15 pounds, buy more hats…why don’t I wear more hats?). But, I digress…

One of my goals is to spruce up my wardrobe and purge all those things I’ve been holding onto because, well, it was once in style…I just KNOW it’s going to come back onto the scene. Which brings me to those platform sneakers I rebelled against buying for so long only to later give in and ultimately decide that I really, really do hate them after all.


2 thoughts on “New Years Resolutions and Stuff

  1. Rivly Breus says:

    You seem to be doing very good 🙂 Every year I see you advance fashion wise and career wise. Launching this blog was a huge step and to me it seems like you do something great every year. You make a move in the right direction. I definitely don’t think you are failing miserably or suffering from let downs. There is so much positivity and greatness to find in all that you do.

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